About The Project
For DEP (Dirgaputra EkaPratama) video company profile, what we had in mind in the beginning was to show their strength in distributors network, in all around Indonesia, which we could show the beauty of this country. In order to build up the beginning shot, we show few beautiful spots in Java, especially in West Java, then we straight get into their warehouse shot. We shot in few different places, including their main plant in Gresik, Surabaya. Some places which is needed to be in the video but we could not access, a mine site, we decided to make it in CGI (Computer Graphic Imagery). We created a concept shot, then painted it, make it as a background, we also build a CGI truck, and some truck's spare parts too. Because we shot in rainy cloudy day, a lot of the clouds and skies in the shot were replacements, also some places were quite barren, so we added some plants for the barren land. In collaboration with Miracle Works Production House.

Dirgaputra EkaPratama is a subsidiary of Indoprima Group, and their main business is an automotive and motorcycle spareparts distributor in Indonesia. They are also the Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM), Original Equipment Spareparts (OES), and after market suppliers for those spareparts. Their main manufacturing plants are located in East Java, and their main strength is their distributors network, which are located in all around Indonesia, even in suburb and urban area.

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