About The Project
Cometal is established in 2003, and located in Tangerang, Indonesia. They utilize the state of the art machinery setup, engineering lab, well trained workforce to meet our customers’ requirements. Cometal involved in continuously raising the standards of qualified products and services in sheet metal fabrication industries.

Cometal’s company profile video was done all in 3D. They have this very advance and expensive metal sheet fabrications machine, that is not quite possible for us to do a normal company profile video, because we can not shoot anywhere nearby the machine. It took sometime to do, all the modeling, rigging, animation, effects, and rendering process, these all took a lot of time. The challenge here is to create the hole when the laser and punching machine “punches” the metal sheet. We did small R&D, just to make that hole happen. Plus, the rendering process took a lot of time.

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