About The Project
We were responsible for every visual parts of this "Logo Animation" bumper opening projects, from concept idea, storyboard, and 3D VFX animation. There are 2 versions of this video, 33 seconds and 30 seconds. The longer version's background music is provided by NCM Epic Music. The shorter version's is using a dedicated composed music for this project.

The project goal is to create a memorable, simple, and elegant bumper opening short movie suitable for a film production company, and has a connection between lotus (their logo) and film, which will be played in cinema before their movie is started. Originally we came up with this idea about an old camera, that cracked open, and reveal few lotus inside, and few petals will fly and reveal their logo. From few discussions with client, and we both agreed on this new idea, a projector that shot flying petals, and these petals will then reveal their logo.

The main challenges on this project are the flying petals simulation and render time. For the petals, we created from scratch the circling motion petals simulation, and for the lighting, we wanted the mood of this video to feel similar in actual movie production studio, with those massive production light, etc. It took us almost full 3 weeks to model the projector, to R&D the simulation, and a full week (non stop) to final render (with passes) in one PC.

There you go, here is the final product. There are 2 versions, one with free music, the other one is composed epic cinematic background music by Indonesian composer. All made in Indonesia! With proper timeline, we can do as much! Hope you like it as much as we do.

Dalam proyek ini, Nextframe Studio bertanggung jawab atas setiap bagian visual dari proyek pembuka bumper “Animasi Logo”, mulai dari ide konsep, storyboard, dan animasi 3D VFX.

Tujuan proyek ini adalah untuk membuat animasi video bumper opening yang berkesan, sederhana, dan elegan yang cocok untuk perusahaan produksi film, dan memiliki hubungan antara lotus (logo mereka) dan film, yang akan diputar di bioskop sebelum film mereka dimulai.

The old camera that we originally modeled and render tested.



FYI, this one frame itself, took us 20 minutes to render… imagine how much time will be spent just for one second animation? Yes, 500 minutes render time just for one second animation…
This is the final model, an old projector.





This is the final video, with composed background music, also by Indonesian composer.

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