About The Project
Nextframe Studio is trusted to create a commercial video production and editing of Dextone glue products. Throughout the process, Nextframe Studio created the concept, storyboard, production shooting, and offline editing. This commercial video aims to highlight the benefits of each product as well as demonstrate how to use the product.

The products highlighted in this video includes; Dextone Gray Gasket Maker (silicone glue), Dextone Epoxy 5 minutes (5 minutes glue), Dextone Epoxy Rapid Clear (clear glue), Dextone Silicone Sealant (glass sealant glue), Dextone No More Nails (nail replacement glue) Dextone Instant Glue (instant glue, clear glue), Dextone PVC Pipe Glue (pipe glue), Dextone PVAC White Glue (white glue), and Dextone Blue Tag (magnet replacement stationary glue).

Nextframe Studio dipercaya untuk membuat produksi dan editing video kompilasi produk lem Dextone untuk keperluan komersial. Dalam prosesnya, Nextframe Studio menyusun concept, storyboard, produksi shooting, dan offline editing. Video komersial ini bertujuan untuk mengangkat keunggulan masing-masing produk sekaligus menunjukan cara pengaplikasian produk.

Produk yang di highlight dalam video ini antara lain; Dextone Grey Gasket Maker (lem silikon), Dextone Epoxy 5 menit (lem 5 menit), Dextone Epoxy Rapid Clear (lem bening), Dextone Silicone Sealant (lem kaca sealant), Dextone No More Nails (lem pengganti paku), Dextone Instant Glue (lem instant, lem bening), Dextone Lem Pipa PVC (lem pipa), Dextone Lem Putih PVAC (lem putih), dan Dextone Blue Tag (lem ATK pengganti magnet).


Nextframe Studo Video Iklan Penggunaan Produk
Video Cara Penggunaan Lem Dextone diproduksi untuk keperluan Iklan


Nextframe Studio Video Editing Storyboard Ads Content
Video Komersial Concept Storyboard dan Hasil Shooting Nextframe Studio


Commercial Video Production Nextframe Studio
Video Komersial Produk Lem Dextone oleh Nextframe Studio

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