About The Project
We are very delighted with this project as we are responsible for every aspect of this "motion graphic" video company profile for PT. Djago Inspirasi Abadi. From the main idea, story boarding, vector graphic, motion graphic, and 3D animation. The main idea for PT. Djago Inspirasi Abadi's motion graphic video is how this new company trying to tell the world about who they are, what are their vision, their mission, and what they do.

The main challenge was how to compress all of those client’s ideas into a less than one minute video, with simple design and clean look. The technical challenge was, how to make the liquid blobs looks like a liquid, swimming around and hitting the company’s logo and then revealing their products. Another challenging part was the “rough map” that represents the client’s first idea about this company. We were not quite sure how do we gonna represent that “thought” in pictures. Fortunately, we came up with this “rough map” idea that slowly turns a “roughly drawn maps” into a finished house layout, connecting PT. Djago Inspirasi Abadi’s idea with their core business.


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