About The Project
Hot Mil is the newest product from PT. Bronson. PT. Bronson themselves is one of the biggest candy production in Indonesia, and their well-known product is the foot shape candy, Hot Hot Pop. Our main challenge in this project is to create the fluid simulation, how to make the splashes look less boring and quick, without breaking the simulation, and has the "wow" effect. The simulation itself took us about 2 weeks to develop and 72 hours straight for rendering a 5 seconds fluid simulation.

The second part of our role in this project is to create another "wow" effects when they started to introduce the candy. We used Motion Graphics.

The third part is to create the eye-popping effect. In order to create this effect, we need to put a few markers on the talent's face, also we need a few environment pictures for the reflection of the CGI's object, and the actual expression reference pictures from the talent himself when he raises his brow. The markers are enabling us to motion track the talent's face in 3D world, thus we can combine the CGI with the actual footage. The raised brow pictures are our references for manipulating his face when his eye popping out, to know the height of his brow when he is googling his eye, especially in the brow area. It is actually not possible to pop an eye without raising your brow to the maximum, so we also exaggerate a little while raising his brow in compositing. After the CGI parts were done, we still need to clean up his face from the tracker, clean up his jacket's brand, and added Motion Graphics to his hair.

NOTE : ideally, trackers color should be green or blue, only these 2 colors. But because the talent's movement is subtle, and it is quite short, so red colored trackers are still acceptable.



Trackers on talent’s face


Talent’s few expressions, raised brow


Talent’s few expressions, lowered brow


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