About The Project
It's another fun motion graphic's project for us! Lee Design Associates is a design company located in West Jakarta. Their expertise are packaging design, identity, illustration, photography, and 3D mock up. In 2015, they expand their business to social media marketing, and they want to try the video way of advertising, it's motion graphic video! Boom! Yes they are right, it is fun to watch, and a fun project for us to do!

They already have the .pdf presentation. But we need the vector for those presentation, and of course they have! They are a vector design based company! So they feed us with vectors, and we give them motion graphic video in returns. As it should be a fast and energetic video┬ácompany profile … well, it is a “motion graphic style video company profile”, we need to put a lot of information about digital marketing in the video, thus we tweak their .pdf presentation a little bit. We also added those “kinetic typography” style in the video, so people can get information about what is digital marketing, while enjoying the moving vectors. Well, an energetic motion graphic video should be fast, but not too fast, so people could get the information in there. The good thing about a video is, people┬ácan replay it as many times as they want, and the information is still there. Anyway, we hope people enjoy watching the video as much as we enjoy making it.

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