About The Project
Pocari Sweat, a featured product from Otsuka Group, POCARI SWEAT is also a well known consumer's good product in Indonesia. It is the perfect beverage for those that have been perspiring while playing sports, working, or taking a hot bath. It can also hydrate you first thing in the morning.

This is our second time, collaborating with UP Films/DaggerFX, to do the online editing part of this viral video. Similar to the previous one, a lot of extra touch up were needed, such as extra dust and debris, background clean up, floor replacement, etc.

The most challenging task for this project, were to clean up the background’s runners. We also added a lot of extra dust and debris, water sparkle, etc, made them rather less opaque, so they blended well with the original footage. It was even tighter deadline, but we did finish the project on time.

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