About The Project
Teh Gelas, a featured product from Orang Tua Group, brewed from highest quality real tea leaves , 100% real sugar, and rich in polyphenol antioxidants. As they are a well known consumer's good product, Orang Tua Group always has the need to make a TVC periodically for their product's marketing purpose.

As this time, we collaborated¬†with UP Films/DaggerFX, to do the online editing part of this TVC. A lot of extra touch up were needed, such as facial clean up, background green screen replacement, product’s light reflection replacement, etc.

The most challenging task for this project, were to add extra “cloth” on the walking female talent, as her wardrobe was a bit inappropriate during the fasting month. Another one was to fix the female talent neck’s muscle, as when she was talking, her neck muscle was rather “obvious”.

Tight deadline has always been a friend to TVC jobs, and we finished the job on time.

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