About The Project
In response to the need for marketing materials for the Telkom Indonesia subsidiary, Nextframe Studio produced a series of animated promotional videos for Telkom Digital Solution's various digital-based solutions.

Telkom Digital Education Solution supports the government in enhancing the quality of human resources by implementing ICT solutions for educational modernization, which include the management of an integrated information system to support educational operations.

Nextframe Studio was successful in converting the Telkom Digital Education Solution's method and services into a 2.30 minute animated video explainer.

Menjawab kebutuhan materi marketing anak perusahaan Telkom Indonesia, Nextframe Studio mengerjakan rangkaian video promosi animasi untuk berbagai solusi berbasis digital dari Telkom Digital Solution.

Telkom Digital Education Solution mendukung pemerintah meningkatkan kualitas SDM melalui solusi ICT untuk modernisasi pendidikan, yang meliputi pengelolaan sistem informasi yang terintegrasi untuk mendukung proses aktivitas pendidikan.

Nextframe Studio berhasil menerjemahkan brief client akan proses dan layanan Telkom Digital Education Solution ke dalam explainer video animasi berdurasi 2.30 menit.


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